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2024 Organic Thanksgiving Turkey Deposit

2024 Organic Thanksgiving Turkey Deposit

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Turkey signups will open in August 2024. Stay tuned for more details on when signups open.


Our turkeys are certified organic and raised on pasture. They are never exposed to hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or GMOs.

They get lots of fresh air and exercise, making them happier and healthier birds. And because they’re processed on the farm, they don’t experience the stress of transport to a slaughterhouse.

Pickup will be at Stonecrop Farm in Henrietta, NY on Sunday Nov 24th. Your size range choice tells us your preference, but is not a 100% guarantee. Earliest pre-orders receive highest priority for choosing their turkey size.

The remainder of your $7.99/lb balance will be due at pickup.

Your turkey deposit is non-refundable.

Please note, your size range choice indicates your preference, but is not a guarantee of the weight of your turkey at pickup.

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