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Smoked Bacon

Smoked Bacon

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Smoked Bacon in 3/4lb pack - $18.57/lb

Our tender, juicy smoked bacon comes from the underside of the pig, known as the pork belly.

The rich, succulent flavor is cut into thick or thin slices, to ensure a deep and intense flavor. The sweet pork notes taste delicious and the gorgeous amount of fat draws out the flavors of the meat.

Whether you like it in breakfast or prefer to toss it into your pasta or add it to a BLT, our bacon won’t let you down. We have been cooking it in the oven for quite a while now and figured it was time to share our strategy here!

  • Made with organic pork.
  • Obtained from pasture-raised pigs humanely raised in Rochester, NY.
  • Smoked to perfection for the most authentic flavor.
  • Each vacuum-sealed pack contains 3/4lb of thick cut bacon. 
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