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Organic Trotters

Organic Trotters

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Organic Trotters - 1 Pig Foot Split Into 2-3 Pieces - $2.49/lb

Trotters are a delicious cut of the pig’s feet. Trotters taste best when slow-cooked for a long time to ensure that the connective tissue breaks down to release the meat from the bone. Once it begins to fall away, you know the trotters are ready to serve. The trotters are rich in collagen and have lower fat content. Our hogs are free to roam the vast farmland which helps in the better growth and development of the trotter, leading to the highest-quality meat and bone.  

  • Certified Organic hand-cut by our butchers.
  • Obtained from pasture-raised pigs humanely raised in Rochester, NY.
  • Brings a silky texture to soups and beans.
  • Each vacuum-sealed pack contains 1X organic trotters split into 2-3 pieces.
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