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Organic Pork Tenderloin

Organic Pork Tenderloin

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1 Certified Organic Pork Tenderloin - 0.75-1.25lb each - $28.97/lb

Pork tenderloin is a thin and long rectangular cut of pork from the loin muscle.

Simply delicious, pork tenderloin is perfect for a special occasion. This wonderful cut of meat tastes best when rubbed with herbs and roasted in the oven.

We recommend you try this Tenderloin Agrodolce recipe by Der Perelman from the Smitten Kitchen.

  • Certified organic hand-cut by our butchers.
  • Obtained from pasture-raised pigs humanely raised in Rochester, NY.
  • A perfectly balanced pork with a great taste and a natural layer of lovely dense fat covering.
  • Each vacuum-sealed pack contains one, cut-to-perfection organic pork tenderloin.
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