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Organic Pork Belly

Organic Pork Belly

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Organic Skin-On Slab Pork Belly - $14.77/lb

Belly is a boneless cut from the hog’s belly or underside after the loin and spareribs are removed. It’s a whole slab of meat with a layer of fat running along the top and smaller layers of fat marbled throughout. Left whole or cut into smaller chunks, it responds well to slow heat cooking, turning it fork-tender. When sliced and cured, it becomes your favorite sizzling, crispy bacon breakfast. A salty, meaty, hearty cut that is sure to cater to every palate. If you’re planning for it to leave a lasting impression, score the fat on the top with a knife, rub it with spice, then sear until crispy.  Another divine recipe is oven roasted pork belly that's wonderful with skin-on or skinless.  

  • Certified Organic hand-cut by our butchers.
  • Obtained from pasture-raised pigs humanely raised in Rochester, NY.
  • Vacuum-sealed pack contains 1x whole slab of organic pork belly.
  • Available as fresh and frozen.
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