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Organic Eggs (1 dozen)

Organic Eggs (1 dozen)

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Certified organic eggs - $8.00 per dozen

Brown organic eggs from our farm to your plate! Our organic hens forage through pastures full of natural grasses, herbs and clovers, clucking and strutting around all day. They enjoy the finest organic feed, pecking at insects and seeds, so you get nutritious, completely organic, full of protein eggs for your breakfast and beyond. Whether you like your eggs boiled, scrambled, or sunny-side up, or prefer to pair them up with strips of crispy bacon, or like to go the extra mile for something like rancheros, our organic eggs are perfectly suited for all kinds of recipes.

  • Certified organic from hens raised on our farm in Rochester, NY.
  • Bright yolks reflecting the high standards of the chicken’s pasture.
  • Non-GMO, certified organic feed to ensure you get only organic eggs.
  • One dozen per order.
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