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Organic Butt Steak

Organic Butt Steak

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Certified Organic Pork Butt Steak 1lb pack - $12.97/lb 

Butt steak is a cut from the shoulder of the pig, nicely marbled, and exceptionally tender. The higher fat content of the cut naturally bastes the meat and makes it juicy as it melts away during cooking. Baked, pan-fried or smoked, this succulent cut of meat will have everyone at the dinner table coming back for more. Spark up the grill and give our juicy butt steak a go. Spice it with simple salt and Pepper. Or top it with barbecue sauce and serve with a side salad for a wholesome meal.  

  • Certified organic hand-cut by our butchers.
  • Obtained from pasture-raised pigs humanely raised in Rochester, NY.
  • Cut from the hard-working section of the body, which develops great depth of flavor.
  • Vacuum-sealed pack contains 1X organic pork butt steak to satiate your cravings.
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