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West Coast

" He was all stallion, and had that expression the German call 'Henstausdruck', which is so important in a stallion. In addition, his movements were springy, forward reaching and rhythmic, his walk earning a '9'. With an overall score of 8, he was the highest rated stallion in the lot". ( Reprinted from the American Hanoverian, describing the 1988 Stallion koering at November Hill Farm.)

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From the start, West Coast's presence was undeniable. After earning the title of Champion at the 1988 stallion koering, receiving a "9" for temperament at the 100 Day Test and winning the Grand Champion three consecutive years at the CDI-NCDCTA Breed show, this incredible horse went on to be crowned HIgh Score Hanoverian and Reserve Grand Champion at the prestigious Devon Breed Show. Known affectionately as "Westie", he proceeded to learn side by side with owner Judy Arnold, taking her through the levels and winning the love and admiration of many fans.

West Coast's offspring have been consistent winners in dressage, jumping and on the line. His son, Westcott, with rider Brooke Doss, was in the top 12 list for the 2003 Pan Am Games. He has produced licensed stallions, Champion mares and an extensive number of premium foals. Amazed by the temperament and talent if Westie's offspring, many owners have shared their stories of life long dreams turning into reality. This list of achievements could go on, but that is not all he was about.

Westie taught people that stallions aren't all testosterone and brawn. He was intellegent, affectionate and playful, especially in his later years. Many would have called him spoiled rotten! There was a sense of gratitude for Westie at Stonecrop, for he built the farm- and reminded us of that every time he wanted extra hay! When you threw your arms around his huge neck, he would give you that special West Coast hug - just tight enough to awe you with his powerful, gentle strength; and then insist on a good face rubbing. In his retirement, he gave longe lessons and "pony rides", touching people with his tranquil contentment.

We've tried filling the barn with other horses, and we have taken down the black ribbons mourning this unspeakable loss; but it is still felt. The heart of Stonecrop will always belong to West Coast.

Tracie Arnold Fields, April 2003.

Wedekind Ferdinand
Weltmeister 310415466 Atlasmaedel
  314014773 SPS Domdora Don Carlos
Westminster bay H31718636 Asterngilde
310248480   Inschallah x Israel x
black Iskia 310070168 Resena x
  H310183775 Dolosa Domaenenrat
  chestnut H316636462 Adelsfrage
  Off Key xx Nearco xx
  Cardinal xx   Key xx
  310062364 Chevalier's Star xx Prince Chevalier xx
Cardinale dark bay   Nova Puppis xx
H310166477   Wohlstand Wohlauf
bay Wolgajagd 310403758 Gartenbuche
  H317079267 Schutzsitte Schuetze
  chestnut H316245357 SPS Fluegelpause