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Walldorf   private treaty
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The breeding fee includes a $300.00 booking fee. The breeding season is from March to August. Breeding after these dates is negotiable. The fee must be paid in full before the semen will be shipped.

If this breeding fails to produce a live foal, i.e. , a foal that stands up and nurses for 24 hours, a veterinarian statement ascertaining the cause of the death must be obtained within 48 hours. This is a return privilege contract, therefore breeding fees are not refundable. If you wish to re-breed your mare the following season please return a new contract with the $25 filing fee. Failure to contact the stallion owner for two consecutive breeding seasons will result in the cancellation of this contract. Breedings will not be carried over without prior arrangements. Two breeding seasons are allotted for frozen semen orders, at such point, if the mare is not in foal, the stallion owner then has the authority to advise the breeder to other options to provide a desired foal.

To better insure success of this breeding, we suggest the mare having a negative uterine culture within 60 days of the semen shipment. For frozen semen, the breeder will need to contact Roanoke AI at 540-774-0676 (customer # 186614) and arrange for shipment. The breeder will assume all shipping costs from Roanoke AI (Jim and Julia Crump). Please mail breeding certificate to Stonecrop Farm after insemination of mare for registration eligibility.

In the event the mare becomes unfit for breeding, substitution of another mare is negotiable. Transferring or selling the contract must have prior approval from the stallion owner.

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Stonecrop Farm
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